Letter from Florida

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Oil painting on a silk screen print on canvas
Dimensions: 50 x 45 cm, I did the painting in 2008.

The title is: "Letter from Florida" 
(At the back of the painting you can see my signature + the date.)
The parts of the silk screen print you can see are from my collection of assembly drawings by a Swedish furniture distributor. I worked with those for quite a while - liking the contrast between the lines and the paint, the 2 different aesthetics.
The writing on the painting is yet from a different series I did: letters by my father (I sure like combining very different subjects!). When I was 19 years old I moved from East Germany to the US (by marriage), we wrote many letters over the 2 years I lived there. Those letters are very dear to me as it seems we were closer when we were so far apart geographically... It says: " ... besonders der zweite Brief aus Florida hat es mir angetan...." ( ...  the second letter from Florida moved me especially ... )

Anyway, I still like that painting very much after all these years, I am ready to part with it.

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