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Sushi Coaster

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Sushi Coaster 

Coasters from felted and cut up Sushi pieces (each about 2cm thick) in many different varieties, sewn together with a strong double cotton thread.

There are 3 different sizes: 6x6 slices (about 17x17 cm) for 29 Euro, 5x5 slices (about 14x14 cm) for 22 Euro and 4x4 slices (about 11x11 cm) for 15 Euro.

Every Sushi Coaster is a little different, but always beautiful!

These Coasters are tested for pots up to 180 Degrees, good for bowls, vases, tea pots, etc. A very decorative table piece or an object on the wall.

Washing: You can´t really wash these coasters, the nice sharp edges would get lost. But you can just wipe stains carefully off.

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