Seat Cushion Pattern Mix on light yellow

Great Seat Cushions! Not just pretty, but very comfortable also!

The cushions with coloured stripes, waves + brandnew: 4 dots were created to match the cushions with coloured circles that came first. I can not get enough of the options to mix and mingle these cushions ...

The pattern is each a repeat of a dark, a light and 2 middle tones of one colour. I have 9 standardized colours for circles, stripes, 4 dots and waves: yellow, green, orange, pink, red, turquoise, blue, gray and purple. Please take your pick.... You can keep it tone in tone or venture into louder colour territory.

(If you have different ideas, please let me know, I am always open for a challenge.)

They are handfelted with soap water, they are washable and available in different sizes and shapes, more choices to make!
The cushions are round, square or half round half square and about 1 cm thick! 

They are very decorative and comfortable! The bottom is generally uni coloured.

As an extra offer without extra charge I can add LATEX stripes or circles to the back of your cushion. The Latex prevents the cushion from sliding around too much. You can not take it off though once it is applied. Please let me know if you want the LATEX on the bottom.

Due to changes in my production and wool supply I am changing all of my cushions to one thickness only, which is about 1 cm. I find that a very versatile and satisfying thickness. It is cushiony enough to sit comfortably and it is not changing the height of the seat too much.
(IF THIS BREAKS YOUR HEART AND YOU THINK YOU NEED THE THICKER CUSHIONS: let me know! For a while longer I can still make the thicker cushions.)

Here is a list of the custom sizes that I make. If you dont find the dimension you need, dont hesitate to contact me. 
(Prices correspond to size and pattern.)

Ø 33 cm (13 inches) = 27 Euro 
Ø 38 cm (15 inches) = 30 Euro 
Ø 43 cm (17 inches) = 42 Euro 
Ø 48 cm (19 inches) = 52 Euro 

37x37cm (14x14 inches)  = 38 Euro 
40x40cm (16x16 inches) = 42 Euro 

Half round Half square:
38x38cm (15x15 inches)  = 41 Euro

Washing Info: wash gently, it is wool, the felting process continues during washing!, meaning things get smaller and harder. Try just to rinse the cushion in the washing machine first. Rinsing and gentle tumbling (600 max.). See if that works, it works pretty well for me, but of course washing machines vary in what they do....! 
Stretch into form and shape before letting it dry! Best in the sun or on a heater.

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