Hot Water Bottle Melon

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Hot Water Bottle with a felted cover, slice of water melon
Who doesnt want so cozy up to a slice of water melon?? I love this new cozy fruit series!

I put the slice of lime on many different colours as I can find (work in progress). When the base colour is dark, it tends to come through the colour of the fruit, I personally find that charming: the interaction of colours through the felting process...
when the colour is lighter or closer to the fruit colour (like the yellow) the interaction of fibers is still there but less visible.

A very soft, but strongly felted cover from soft wool by merino sheep for a hot water bottle.

I use 60 g of wool for the big covers, 40 g of wool for the small covers. The reason being that I want maximum heat coming through without burning you. I experimented a while before arriving at this particular thickness and I find it perfect.

The product comes with a hot water bottle. I use a high quality Natural Rubber Bottle produced in Germany without plastic and without any plastic softeners. There is a rubbery smell at first that will fade with use and time. 

I find the turtle neck very handy to fill the bottle. Later you can roll it up if you like, the bottle disappears completely.

Washing: Very gentle wool wash, bring back in shape and back to size before drying.

To wash you can get the hot water bottle out of its felt cover. In order to do that the bottle should be open and empty, I roll the "shoulders" toward the middle and pull the bottle out, its a bit tricky, but you will figure it out! The cover is very strongly felted, dont worry. 
The same procedure to put the bottle back inside.  

You can get a small hot water bottle for 0.8 liters (35 Euro) or the big one for 2.0 liters (40 Euro).

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